Organization Strategy Development, Management and Leadership Training

We undertake consultancies to develop strategic plans through a rigorous highly participatory process that guarantees buy in by all stakeholders. In order to facilitate implementation, we assist organizations set up related governance, operational structures, implementation plans and reporting and evaluation plans to ensure holistict implementation and continuous monitoring. We also review organizations strategic positioning and niche in order to align them with the competitive environment and enable the institutions compete effectively or stand out in industry, sector or peers.

Our Corporate training programmes deliver relevant trainings in order to in a way that ensures ownership by all internal stakeholders in the organization. The trainings  empower participants to become effective leaders and managers in within the new environment. It tailors leadership and management training to public service sector and public sector reform, reengineering and transformation. The skill set that are developed includes leadership and decision-making, organizational management, human capital development, accountability and reporting standards, negotiations, navigating through political situations, and effective communications.